Ours is a long and ancient history.

A history of great importance that gave birth to words never written and arcaic traditions, to laws torn from the sky that slipped into the canals of Venice between the language of merchants, the cries of slaves and through insurmountable walls.

Our story begins in the magic of a unique city, suspended between sky and sea and connected by bridges, where time is marked by the tides. An extraordinary climb towards the rediscovery of ancient flavours and timeless legends. Recipes and tastes that retrace our tradition, reassessing our world, our island, our beliefs.

Welcome to the Ghetto Veneziano, born from a violent, incandescent iron casting, built out of narrow passages in order to see the dawn, made of strict precepts and laws, of force and truth. An unchanging flavour bringing with it 500 years of achivements and tradition.

The Products

In full respect of the rules and tradition, here's a selection of Kosher Italian from the heart of Venice to reach the world

La Pasta

The Venetian merchant Marco Polo brought back pasta from his journeys in China. The art of pasta making continues with “ Ghetto Veneziano”, excellent Italian food made with wheat of the best quality in regards of ancient production method.

Le Salse

These ready-to-use sauces are obtained by slowing cooking top-quality ingredients that are produced with certified biodynamic methods. Traditional and tasty Mediterranan sauces perfect in every recipe.

Il riso

Since the mid-500 ‘rice and bisi (peas) becomes a doge’s dish, prepared to celebrate the feast of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice (April 25).

I biscotti

Ghetto Veneziano’s biscuits: wholesome products and typical Venetian specialities. Only the very best ingredients are expertly mixed together using traditional, homemade techniques to create that unique taste which satisfies even the most discerning of food lovers. Can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Le Confetture

Ghetto Veneziano’s jams are prepared exclusive from natural products and fresh fruit, excellent on bread and for homemade cakes.

Il Caffè

The Ghetto Veneziano organic coffee is produced from plants grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in order to preserve the integrity of each grain. The unmistakable aroma is the result of an ancient wood roasting process that conserves the intense fragrance and natural properties of coffee.

La Birra

Water is the basic element of the beer and Venice is full of water! The Ghetto Veneziano beer is made by natural ingredient . The use of grass and fruit it goes up to the ancient tradition of the monks beers and creates the extraordinary fragrances.


Ghetto Veneziano’s oil is 100% Italian made with olives produced and processed in Italy from a selection of local Italian cultivars. A full-bodied, intense, fruity extra virgin olive oil with a hint of fresh almonds.


Geburah the red, Ketler the white and our Prosecco are three organic guaranteed mevishal Kosher wines.

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The Banco Rosso

It should be said that there were rules and regulations. Clear as primary colors and as unquestionable as the changing of the seasons. For this reason we have chosen a theBancoRosso. The first pawnshop built in Venice.

A unique place through which Jews were,for the first time, permitted to own used items; arrival and departure point of merchants, exchanges and dreams. We decided to bring it back to life because we believe that tradition, the extraordinary force of the past, should never be forgotten.

Our will has a taste, a flavour and a mission and it is called Ghetto Veneziano. Its base is the only place capable of containing such a full and vivid history: The Banco Rosso.


Banco Rosso
Cannareggio 2912
30121 - Venezia - Italy

Tel | Fax +39 041740317

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